Skin detox masks have been quite popular in recent years, but not everyone is familiar with it. The use is probably heard through a little bit or the ads and introduction are quite attractive, but how about the actual experience, please try it yourself to feel it. Here is my share of the tests with the skin detox mask:

Among a series of advertised products with the same "superiority", which one should I choose ?? Masks in the form of cream, paper, gel, topical, ...?

First, I chose the "lazy" one first, apply it for a long time, apply it quickly, don't have much time, work hard all day, I need to relax in the evening and a billion things to do, fast, efficient. result, you can go anywhere, the criterion "you still have to be beautiful".

I have tried a lot of detox masks from paper, gel, clay ... but I must say that the most satisfying is LOOK AT ME BUBBLE BUBBLE FACE MASK.

The first is the name and use of Bubble Bubble Face Mask, why it has such a name, it can be understood that Bubble is an air bubble, a layer of compressed carbonate that helps to deep clean not only the surface of the skin but also deep. pores, lead poisoning, dirt, impurities and dead skin on your skin that you cannot wash off with water or cleanser.

Ingredients collagen, herbs, nutrients extracted from lavender, Chamomilla Recutita flowers / leaves, Centaurea cyanus flowers, natural minerals ... help increase elasticity, skin regeneration, alkali oil, shrinking pores, quick healing of acne lesions, antioxidant and healthy glowing skin.


Experiment by using this mask to know how fresh it is:

- After exfoliating, washing your face, you start to open the mask bag, gently apply it on your face, the advantage of Look At Me Bubble Bubble Face Mask is a mask made entirely of carbon. (not liquid impregnated cotton like other types). The flexible gel mask fits snugly across the face and holds it firmly and firmly, without any deviation and grip, so we just put on the mask while doing other things does not affect anything.

- After applying it, just a few seconds later, you can clearly feel it, just imagine that when you put it on, it's a black bear's face, a few seconds later gradually turns into a white bear face because toxins accumulate on the skin. Excreted through the layer of air bubbles, the layer of air bubbles expels more, thicker and whiten, proves that more toxins under your skin and long accumulation are being discharged completely.

- It's interesting that air bubbles like soft cotton are gradually being sucked out and drifting on the face, hearing a small squeak when the bubbles burst and feeling refreshed because the toxins are excreted day after day. more.

- After 10-15 minutes remove the mask and rinse with clean water, dry your face, you will see clearly healthy skin, touching your face is smooth, cool, no clumpy and feeling stuffy, heavy like before.

The biggest advantage of Look At Me Bubble Bubble Face Mask is that the mask is composed of 100% natural bio-fiber, does not cause irritation, does not block the face, especially suitable for oily skin, acne that needs waste. Toxins, improve skin's protective barrier, resolve dermatitis and remove sebum.

The mechanism works like a magnet, Look At Me Bubble Bubble Face Mask removes sebum, pushes clogged impurities from deep inside the pores, activated carbon with the main function of detoxifying - especially lead poisoning - darkening the skin. When toxins are eliminated, of course the skin will return to a bright, radiant, open pore to easily absorb nutrients to keep skin healthy, shiny, and smooth.

The ultra-fast absorbent mask not only removes toxins but also promotes blackheads, bran acne, acne ... removes bacteria to brighten the skin, promotes circulation and stimulates circulation, making the skin ruddy. Natural, minerals from herbs help to quickly heal the wounds left behind.

Look At Me Bubble Bubble Face Mask is safe and benign, suitable for all skin types including dry or oily skin, especially effective for oily & acne skin.

Experience Look At Me Bubble Bubble Face Mask for yourself to reduce stress on the skin as well as refresh yourself after stressful and tiring working days.

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