TENCEL masks are made of biological material, with natural properties, giving a soft feeling and excellent nutrient absorption when used.

Using a mask is a "hard to break" habit of skin care industrious people. The mask penetrates the skin, providing nutrients, making the skin smooth and fresh. However, paper masks available on the market often cause problems when using them, such as poor nutrient absorption, easy to drop when moving, unsafe materials ...

Not only to provide nutrients to the skin of the face, the use of the mask must also evoke a soft, gentle feeling on the skin. Therefore, with the existing advantages, the Tencel mask completely conquers consumers when they just arrived in the Vietnamese market.

LookATME brand TENCEL masks are products from Korea, a leading powerhouse in the production of beauty cosmetics. This product naturally overcomes all the limitations of existing paper masks. The material that makes TENCEL 100% from nature, is the stem with many fibers such as bamboo, eucalyptus, eucalyptus ...


The first advantage of this Korean lookATME mask is that it is extremely comfortable when placed on the skin. With a light texture, breathable Tencel sticks firmly to the surface of the skin, brings a soft feeling. At the same time, with its thinness and light properties, the mask covers the entire face, allowing you to move comfortably while using it without worrying about falling. You can enjoy the wonderful feeling that is rare during the day while using the mask while listening to music or bouncing.

Thanks to the superior design that fits snugly against the skin, the TENCEL lookATME mask absorbs quickly, helping the skin to fully absorb nutrients. You will also no longer have to worry about spills over your neck, as you would with a paper mask.

TENCEL provides the necessary nutrients to maintain a smooth, youthful look for the skin. In addition, your skin is optimally moisturized, limiting acne problems or dry skin.

TENCEL lookATME masks both quickly absorb and give the skin many valuable nutrients. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand when the user has just used it for the first time and has "fallen in love" with this tiny mask.


The third advantage that cannot be ignored is safety and benignness. If you are afraid that other types of paper masks may be contaminated because they are made from synthetic fibers, then this will not happen with the TENCEL masks. Since it is 100% made of bio-based materials, incorporating advanced technology from Korea, Tencel is suitable for all skin types and completely non-irritating.

Currently, followers of the mask have 5 options with the brand-brand Tencel TENCEL mask. Each product has different ingredients with different advantages:

LookATME BEST FRIEND SNAIL + GREEN TEA FACE MASK, a snail-oil essence combined with green tea has the advantages of nourishing the skin, toning the skin, increasing its elasticity and fighting signs of aging. In addition, green tea also helps remove impurities, treat pimples, smooth skin.

lookATME ALOE VERA FACE MASK with essence of lavender and aloe vera for dry and sensitive skin, soothes unpleasant dryness, deeply moisturizes the face, fades wrinkles caused by dehydration.

lookATME COLLAGEN FACE MASK contains Hydrolyzed Collagen content to help fill wrinkles, improve expression lines, restore moisture, remove dullness and rejuvenate the skin.

lookATME CHARCOAL FACE MASK has an excellent skin purification effect, removes large pores, removes impurities on the skin and returns a fresh, rosy complexion.lookATME BUBBLE BUBBLE FACE MASK sheet is soaked with charcoal Purified helps to remove pores, impurities on the skin and helps to improve skin structure.

When you apply the mask, the carbonated bubbles deeply cleanse the dirt inside the skin and keep your skin fresh.


Hot weather makes the skin more oily, staying up late makes the skin dull, with acne or lack of vitality, do not forget to take care of the skin with Tencel biological mask. The above great advantages from the hottest Korean masks today will make you absolutely satisfied.

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