What is the secret to FLY'S Natsumi's beauty. Natural beauty is the most attractive thing !?

What is the secret to FLY'S Natsumi's beauty. Natural beauty is the most attractive thing !?

Natsumi Kuroki, the communications director of "YOLO", has a healthy and dignified beauty from top of head to toe. I asked about her lifestyle to know where her charm came from.

Taking care of the body is not difficult with moderate exercise and a suitable diet for the body

"The first thing I value to get in shape is sleep. I sleep with my daughter before 10:00 and wake up at 7:00 the next day. Above all, I emphasize the balance between exercise and my diet. me ".

“I was worried about exercising because I gained so much muscle during my personal workout lately (laughs), so I'm adjusting my body by dropping it down to just one. one month. I also go to yoga once a month, do it at home and my mood is always tense. You can change it. I want to eat what I like without stress, so I try to build a solid base in my body. "

It was Natsumi's style to combine yoga as well as practice. Body makeup is not the only reason to improve your body.

"When I have time, I do five moves to say hello to the sun. From morning, the blood circulates throughout the body, warms the body and brightens the skin. Yoga helps to refresh my head and body, so I tend to recover." box. you adjust your breathing before you go, you will be in good shape.

Another "food", important for keeping it clean, seems to incorporate the idea of ​​functional foods, has also been accepted.

"Macrobiotics have the harsh image of not eating meat, but I eat what my body wants in a balanced manner. Instead, I eat seasonal vegetables every day and choose natural sweets. I'm creating the basis for the base. “Don't store as much toxins as possible.” In the evening, I eat pasta and steak. Even so, I can reset my body the next day because of the accumulation of Small everyday concerns.

In our macrobiotic class, I learned: "Eat seasonal ingredients with seasonal cooking methods to cool off in the summer and warm in the winter". I am making this, but I also add seasonal vegetables to it to increase its effectiveness. "

Superfoods that keep your body clean from the inside out

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Furthermore, I was amazed that superfoods are not only used in meals, but also in shampoos!

"Since it contains 10 superfoods, the shampoo I use is ideal as it has natural ingredients and hair texture! Although I can wash my scalp, but I realize that The ingredients have absorbed the moment I put it on top of my hair.When I dry it and touch it, my hair is very soft, silky and has a pleasantly balanced moisture. flower, PM2.5 and UV rays, and I like Iran Iran and citrus scent. I like it because it is quite large and has a lot of foam. I use it for the whole family.

Natsumi thinks that it is important for beauty to have a healthy mind and body.

"If you do yoga in the morning, eat properly, your hair will be easy to handle, your mood will be bright all day. If your hair is dry, you will look tired so I want to work hard. If it's too busy to come. Regular hair salon, you will want daily home hair care, such as straightening hair "

Natsumi's natural beauty is perhaps radiated from within by living a healthy life and maintaining good health while feeling natural, rather than strict physical fitness and dietary restrictions. . Her advice is: "For those who want to focus on body care as well as hair, pay attention to body soaps that contain superfoods!"

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