Therefore, choosing a shampoo is very important, my hair is comfortable, comfortable, and my spirit is happy. Sure, how can you be happy and comfortable when you are annoyed with itchy dandruff, hair loss, breakage ...

Let's learn how to use and choose shampoo. The recent question that is most concerned by many people is the silicon in regular shampoo, is it good for hair?

Silicone is a mineral with certain viscosity and plasticity, moisturizing, and softening ability, so it is often used in hair care products.

- Has the effect of smoothing and fluffing frizzy hair, creating a shiny and shiny hair effect. This substance will stick to the surface and fill the space between the gaps in the hair, create a protective layer for hair from harmful effects from the environment, and keep hair smooth.


- The glossy feeling in the hair is just "Fake"

- Hair completely incapable of absorbing silicone, when using hair, will accumulate silicone on the surface, causing clogging, clogging of hair follicles and preventing the absorption of other nutrients; At the same time, it causes sticky hair even though it hasn't been long since shampooed.

Classification of Silicone:

Water-soluble Silicone: Understandably, this silicone can be easily washed out of the hair by water. The care products that contain Cyclomethicone, Dimethicone Copolyol are this type of silicone, usually at a slightly high cost but very "friendly" to the hair.

Silicone is insoluble in water: This silicone does not have the ability to "fuse" with water so if you want to remove this silicone layer, you need to use deep clean shampoos. Silicones of this type are formatted under the name: Amodimethicone or Dimethicone.

Therefore, we should be familiar with products with water-soluble Silicon, with natural extracts or without Silicone.

Top 1 - No Silicon


Up to 95% of ingredients completely from nature: Aloe, coconut, BaoBab, Chia seeds, Turmeric, Pomegranate ... combined with safe herbs, no chemicals. Super Food Lab shampoo is extremely popular in Europe, America, world famous with high safety, won the hearts of most customers by:

Feeling comfortable, pleasant, relaxing after washing like spa at home

The hair is light, soft and smooth, with an extremely natural grapefruit flavor, and a cool fragrance

Maintains the hair's volatility, no frizz, no shine, smooth beautiful hair from root to tip thanks to nourishment with nutrients penetrating deeply from the inside.

Helps healthy hair from the root, stimulates hair growth, prevents hair loss

You will definitely see the difference right from the first wash, to understand why Super Food Lab tops the search keyword at Google for every search.


Identify damaged areas and bring nutrients; The ability to sensor heat helps hair to fluff when drying.

- Green: For oily, sticky and dandruff hair.

Orange: For dry, split ends, hair that is styled but not frilly.

- Red: For thinning hair, heavy loss, dandruff, flat and difficult hair.

- White: For dull, non-glossy, dry hair, lacking vitality. Prevent hair from fading.


From Kracie - a Japanese cosmetic chemical company, SILICON DOES NOT CONTAINS the active ingredients that are commonly found in regular rinse shampoos are harmful to hair.

Himawari contains sunflower essential oil, and is specially formulated to stimulate long, thick hair growth and repair damage, for smooth, long, healthy hair.

- Green: volume and restore hair

- Yellow: moisturizes and restores hair


From Palmer's famous brand in the US with products extracted from natural ingredients, safe for the health of users.

Free from both Silicone and Sulfate, fortified with a variety of nourishing hair nourishing extracts. Hair will reduce loss, reduce tangles and dandruff

Sunflower & Citrus yellow varieties have citrus scent


The formula is completely Paraben-free, Silicone-free, mainly using avocado oil and shea butter to keep hair shiny and healthy.

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