So what is the use of mineral spray? Why do we need mineral sprays in daily skin care steps?

For girls who have makeup skills "into god", mineral spray is an indispensable treasure. Mineral spray before makeup helps to fix the perfect makeup and does not easily degrade skin tone, softening makeup, making skin more natural. Mineral spray after makeup can adjust your skin to look more natural if you miss makeup too heavy.

In addition, the mineral spray provides water to the skin, it also brings a feeling of refreshment, instantly calms the skin, makes the whole face glow, regains vitality thanks to just a few thin mist.

But in addition to the task of water supply, mineral sprays still have other outstanding abilities that make women love:

1. Protect and "Awaken" tired skin

A recent study shows that mineral sprays contain mineral ingredients that firmly protect the skin, compensate for the pH balance and minimize the harmful effects of external factors such as dust pollution.

When you wake up in the morning, after a routine of personal care, just spraying on your skin is enough to feel fresh skin after a long night, especially when your skin shows signs of stress. fatigue, rapid skin aging.

Mineral spray also works effectively for women who are stressed. Any time of the day, when you feel tired, you can spray minerals on the skin's surface to boost your mood. To add alertness, you can place the spray in the refrigerator before spraying it on the skin's surface.

2. Replace the spray makeup settings

Can mineral spray replace setting makeup spray or not? The answer is yes.

Mineral spray and setting makeup spray carry two completely different tasks. But there is no challenge that can make it difficult for beauty believers now, mineral spray can also do the job of setting spray.

The essence of moisturizing mineral spray is a liquid cosmetic that provides instant water, moisturizing, and hydration to the skin through a light mist. Thanks to this light layer of moisture, make-up cosmetics can easily adhere to the skin smoothly without dripping and not fading fast.

However, you wouldn't expect an equivalent effect between a mineral spray and a dedicated setting spray. So you should only use mineral spray as a temporary "salvage" solution.

3. Temporary moisture supply, oil alkaline

Beautiful skin needs the right moisture. Research shows that using mineral sprays will provide 10% to 20% of the required moisture for your skin, so you can spray anytime, anywhere when you feel your skin is cooled down or overheated. usually, very convenient. There are 2 types of mineral sprays for women that are moisturizing mineral sprays and alkaline mineral oil sprays.

(1) Alkaline mineral spray: for oily, acne-prone skin with water supply effect to keep certain moisture on skin as well as maximum oil alkalinity.

(2) Moisturizing mineral spray: for dry skin with the ability to protect the skin against hot, humid or cold climates of the tropics.

In fact, oily skin is sometimes not excess moisture, but it may be due to the lack of water in the epidermis, which causes more oil to be released to balance. If your face is always shiny, even when sitting in the air conditioning, try using mineral spray, you will see a significant improvement in skin.

4. Soothes the skin

After coming back from the sun, you will immediately feel your skin is a bit burning and uncomfortable. With benign ingredients, mineral sprays work to soothe problems related to skin irritation such as burning when exposed to sunlight, cosmetic allergic rashes, and reduce skin surface damage after shaving. beard, facial hair or arm hair, leg hair ...

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