With the advantage of the product is its fast absorption ability to promote the function of cleaning the skin, prevent bacteria from working on the skin, making the face smooth without worrying about acne. When rose water penetrates the skin, it balances the pH of the skin, provides the necessary moisture and soothes skin that is both irritated or affected by outdoor UV rays.

This product line is suitable for dry skin, sensitive skin, combination skin, irritated skin or skin that needs special care, suitable for all skin types.

Introducing the number 1 luxury DABO brand in Korea

Dabo is a Korean cosmetic brand manufactured by Nexxen Group and is supervised for quality by Samsung Group. With the aim towards the flawless beauty of women, this brand has brought customers great experiences when using quality products that have been carefully researched. That is also what makes this brand name and affirms the position of this brand in the market.

In addition, you can refer to DABO Speed ​​Whitening-up Whitening Rose Water 150ml to help skin naturally white and pink after the first use.

Instructions for using Dabo Aloe Vera Calming Toner

- Step 1: Wash your face with DABO aloe vera cleanser, then pat dry with a soft towel. Before that you can use DABO makeup remover to make sure your face is free of dirt.

- Step 2: After you have finished using the cleanser, take the appropriate amount into a cotton pad, massage according to the texture of the skin from the inside out, then you should use DABO aloe vera moisturizer to darken. skin care process optimization

- Step 3: Pat the rose water and cream to be absorbed into the skin in the most optimal way, helping the skin to have the fastest and most effective use.

Note: If you use it for the first time, you should try 3-4 times on the skin of the neck under the ears.

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