- The cream has 2 layers:

+ The creamy layer while being applied to the skin gets absorbed very quickly, deriving the absorbent essence easily deep inside

+ The white cream layer is absorbed to the deep inside of the cell, transforming and eliminating the dark pigments formed by melanin, blurring and removing pigmentation, freckles on the skin.

DABO Speed ​​Whitening Dual Cream Anti-Lightening Cream is a facial skin care product that helps to lift the tone of the skin, quickly bringing bright, smooth, rosy skin while ensuring absolute safety for users. The cream is suitable for all skin types.

Made in premium DABO brand in Korea

Dabo is a Korean cosmetic brand manufactured by Nexxen Group and is supervised for quality by Samsung Group. With the aim towards the flawless beauty of women, this brand has brought customers great experiences when using quality products that have been carefully researched. That is also what makes this brand name and affirms the position of this brand in the market.

Instructions for using DABO Speed ​​Whitening Dual Cream

- Step 1: Wash your face with water and DABAO cleanser, then pat dry with a cotton pad or with a clean soft cloth.

Note: Before washing your face, you need to remove the dirt and be able to exfoliate your skin once every 3 days to use the cream to its fullest effect.

- Step 2: After you wash your face, apply an appropriate amount of cream to your skin, then rub well and pat until the cream is completely absorbed into the face.

- Step 3: You should use a combination of rose water to increase the effectiveness of support for melasma treatment.


- If using for the first time, should try 3-4 times on the neck under the ear to check the product to see if you are irritated by any ingredients in the product.

- Avoid applying to eyes, open wounds.

- Keep out of reach of children and should rest and relax after each use of cream.

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