Safe for skin from the sun

Collagen helps fight aging and lift skin muscles, hazelnuts help antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, prevent acne, Aloe essence helps to whiten the skin, produce new cells, restore damaged skin, create levels Deeply moisturizes the skin. High sun protection SPF 50 PA +++ helps protect the skin from UVA / UVB ultraviolet rays extremely effectively, and at the same time prevents the formation of spots, freckles.

High water resistance

Benew Collagen Sun Cream for face sunscreen quickly penetrates the skin, does not float in water, is not greasy, does not make the skin sting, can be used instead of foundation foundation and used daily, suitable for normal skin, dry skin .

Sunscreen - protects the skin from environmental damage

Currently, the phenomenon of perforation and ozone depletion is more and more serious, causing a large amount of ultraviolet rays to shine directly on the Earth, leading to humans and animals and plants suffering heavy consequences. It destroys the immune systems of humans and animals, increases the likelihood of human and animal diseases, a 10% decrease in the ozone layer in the atmosphere has resulted in a 26% increase in cancer cases. . High-energy ultraviolet radiation that is not absorbed by ozone is generally recognized as a contributing factor in the formation of malignancies. According to one study, a 10% increase in ultraviolet rays resulted in a 19% increase in malignancies in men and 16% in women.

Unprotected areas of skin and too much sun exposure to UVA and UVB rays can suffer both short-term and long-term consequences, leading to premature skin aging, impaired skin resistance, and even more. is skin cancer. More importantly, these negative effects act on a daily basis. UV rays, especially UVA rays, are present every day of any weather - winter as well as summer, on sex days as well as on sunny days - so sunscreen should be taken into consideration as a step. in daily skin care routines such as cleansers, toners or products with moisturizers, anti-aging and hyperpigmentation.

During hot summer days, girls focus more on sun protection than ever before. And while sun protection for the body has a lot of creams, sun protection shirts ... to help, sun protection for the face is a realm that is still a lot of strangers and surprises. Many people do not know where to start, and even think that they do not have to use sunscreen for their face because they are afraid of the mysterious, greasy feeling that the sunscreen leaves behind before and after makeup. But that's a completely wrong idea, sunscreens for the face nowadays usually have a very light, cool cream that is easily absorbed into the skin and creates a dry, smooth texture even before and after you apply the powder. So, today, to help you lessen the initial surprise, join Benew to refer to Benew 70ml BENEW Collagen Sunscreen, which is a great sunscreen that you may not know, this is a sunscreen for the face. are being loved by the beauty editors from top fashion magazines.

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