Highlights of premium Green Tea Cream BENEW 60ml

BENEW lotion extracted from natural green tea essence combines with vitamins and minerals to help regenerate skin cells, lift skin muscles, firm and brighten skin. The EGCG ingredient in green tea helps kill bacteria, reduce acne and at the same time prevent acne recurrence, anti-UVA / UVB rays, anti-oxidant skin and protect skin from negative effects from the environment such as smoke, dust. , regenerate skin cells and keep skin smooth and healthy. BENEW GREEN TEA cream is suitable for normal, combination skin, and especially effective for oily or acne skin

In addition to nourishing and increasing moisture to the skin, EGCG essence in green tea leaves also helps the skin to limit signs of aging, limit pigmentation spots, freckles or crow's feet in the corners of the eyes, edges ... nutrients with green tea leaves create a layer to protect the skin, take care of and nourish the best.

Vitamins A, E, C contained in the lotion promote skin elasticity, restore and rejuvenate as well as enhance skin vitality. Natural Green Tea Scent is pure and mild, bringing a pleasant and refreshing feeling.

BENEW GREEN TEA premium green tea lotion is imported exclusively from Korea, extracted from nature, and is always trusted by Korean people.

Made from high-class and prestigious Benew brand names from Korea

Almost everyone of us has a need for beauty, but for Koreans, the demand is very high, so Korean cosmetics are extremely diverse to meet the desires of many customers. One of the types of leads that brands target the most is young people. In which, Benew brand name is considered as a high-end Korean luxury American brand that is currently trusted and used by young people.

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