It also has the effect of tightening pores, blurring age spots, brown spots, freckles. When supplemented with collagen to the skin, it will help the body connect the tissues in the skin and create elasticity, making the facial skin can be smooth and always youthful and shiny.

Facial skin can be smooth when young and slack with many wrinkles when old, so Collagen is the most important factor helping us to maintain our youthfulness, suitable for aging skin.

Details of BENEW Collagen Skin Care Mask 22ml

+ Origin brand Benew in Korea

+ Packing: Set of 10 packages

+ Capacity: 22ml

Expiry date: 3 years from date of manufacture

User manual

- Wash your face with cleanser and wipe your face with a cotton soaked in rose water

- Spread the mask over the face, apply a gentle mask covering the face, gently massage with hands 2 to 3 times

- After 20-30 minutes when all the nutrients have been absorbed, remove the mask, and massage for a while

- Summer use: Put the mask in the refrigerator before applying, you can put the whole package in the refrigerator in the cooler compartment

Product preservation

- Keep in a dry, cool place, away from direct sunlight

Mặt nạ Benew Collagen
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