It can be said that activated carbon mask is currently the latest beauty trend today. When applying activated carbon to the skin, it has almost the same effect. It adheres to oxidized impurities, dirt and blackheads; then suck them out of your face.

According to beauty experts, activated carbon masks are the solution to all skin problems.

Set of 10 pieces of BENEW Skin Mask Activated carbon 22ml with activated carbon essence has a hollow texture to: Absorb toxins, remove toxins that accumulate deep below the pores while pushing minerals into the skin. ; Absorbs excess oil and dead cells from the skin; Purifying skin from toxic ingredients of cosmetics. In addition, activated carbon also helps prevent the formation of acne bran, blackheads, tightening pores. CHARCOAL mask is suitable for all skin types, effective for working skin in polluted, smoggy environments.

Details of 10 pieces of BENEW Mask Activated carbon 22ml

- Brand Origin: Benew in Korea

+ Packing: Set of 10 packages

+ Capacity: 22ml

Expiry date: 3 years from date of manufacture

User manual

- Wash your face with cleanser and use a cotton soaked in rose water to wipe your face

- Spread the mask all over the face, apply a gentle mask covering the face, massage gently by hand from 3 to 4 times

- After 20-30 minutes when all the nutrients have been absorbed, remove the mask, and massage for a while

- Summer use: Put the mask in the refrigerator before applying, you can put the whole package in the refrigerator in the cooler compartment

Product preservation

- Keep in a dry, cool place, away from direct sunlight

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