In addition, applying green tea face also helps to fade spots, regenerate new skin cells, remove all layers of dirt, remove sebum easily, help whiten skin effectively, astringent, effective. Especially with acne skin or oil helps skin stay healthy and safe in toxic environments.

The product has passed strict testing, so it is safe for the skin of the user.

Details of the Benew Green Tea Essence Mask Sheet

+ Brand Origin: Benew in Korea

+ Packing: Set of 10 packages

+ Capacity: 22ml

Expiry date: 3 years from date of manufacture

User manual

- Wash your face with cleanser and use a cotton soaked in rose water to wipe your face

- Spread the mask over the face, apply a gentle mask covering the face, gently massage with hands 2 to 3 times

- After 20-30 minutes when all the nutrients have been absorbed, remove the mask, and massage for a while

- Summer use: Put the mask in the refrigerator before applying, you can put the whole package in the refrigerator in the cooler compartment

Product preservation

- Keep in a dry, cool place, away from direct sunlight

Introducing high-class and prestigious Benew brand in Korea

Almost everyone of us has a need for beauty, but for Koreans, the demand is very high, so Korean cosmetics are extremely diverse to meet the desires of many customers. One of the types of leads that brands target the most is young people. In which, Benew brand name is considered as a high-end Korean luxury American brand that is currently trusted and used by young people.

BENEW is considered a famous Korean cosmetic brand in Vietnam. The target groups that BENEW targets are teenagers, active and young. Therefore, right from its inception, BENEW has selected four operating criteria: "excellent quality, affordable price, cute colors and rich designs". The most attractive feature of the products under the BENEW brand name is the very cute design with the main pink and red tones, which can captivate any girl when seen.

With Benew's line of skin care masks in addition to products extracted from collagen, there are also a number of masks that are very popular in the market today such as:

Set of 10 pieces Benew Natural Herb Mask Pack - Pearl 22ml

Set of 10 pieces Benew Natural Herb Mask Pack - Charcoal 22ml

Set of 10 pieces Benew Natural Herb Mask Pack - Collagen 22ml

Set of 10 Benew Natural herb Mask Pack - Honey 22ml

Set of 10 pieces of Benew Natural Herb Mask Pack - Aloe 22ml

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