Have you always wanted a natural soft skin? Instead of using expensive beauty treatments, you can achieve this dream in no time by using the DABO Romantic Rose Premium Shower Gel every day!

Bath gel is one of the products that everyone uses every day. On the market today, DABO Korean shower gel products are more and more popular because of their mild scent like perfume, extracted from nature. Let Dabo discover the great thing this shower gel brings right in the article below!

Great benefits of the premium shower gel DABO Romantic Rose

DABO Romantic Rose luxury shower gel possesses rose-scent essential oils from nature, it will bring you a feeling of extreme comfort, comfort, while dissolving stress, fatigue and scent charming and natural flowers. By applying the most advanced formula, plus natural ingredients with very gentle foaming properties, this premium white shower gel will help clear pores and make skin smoother and smoother. The herbal moisturizing ingredients in the shower gel ingredients also help increase the skin's moisture content when bathing.

One of the most outstanding features that DABO Romantic Rose Shower Gel has is that it has a mild fragrance, not too strong, nor too harsh, quickly removing dead skin cells, making skin smooth, soft. trade more. Just use shower gel every day, you will feel a difference in a short time, the skin will be recovered quickly, brighter than seen.

Made of high-end and prestigious brands

Dabo is a Korean cosmetic brand manufactured by Nexxen Group and is supervised for quality by Samsung Group. With the aim towards the flawless beauty of women, this brand has brought customers great experiences when using quality products that have been carefully researched. That is also what makes this brand name and affirms the position of this brand in the market.

Instructions for use and storage of Korean DABO shower gel

- Wet the body

- Put a sufficient amount of shower gel on palm or bath, foam with water

- Massage gently onto skin

- Wash off with water

- Store in a dry, cool place, away from direct sunlight and high temperature

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