Introduction of Benew Aloe Moisturizing Mineral Spray 150ml

- With 99% writing from fresh natural aloe vera, Benew Aloe Mineral Moisture Mist helps to quickly restore dry, reddened skin, gently moisturize, and return a healthy, radiant, radiant pink white. For her skin, for all skin types, including sensitive skin because of the neutralization of the ingredients in aloe vera leaves.

- In addition, it also provides minerals to the skin that not only help skin to be healthier, smoother, but also remove the signs of fatigue on your face, helping to keep makeup on for a long time. With a compact design very convenient for you to carry and use while traveling or in the dry weather. The product does not cause greasy skin because it only provides the necessary amount of minerals for the skin.

Provides moisture to skin in hot, dry climates, or working in conditioning environments. Also helps to rejuvenate the skin and prevent skin aging, soothes the skin, increases resistance and helps balance pH, avoiding dry skin, flaky skin.

- Helps increase skin moisture from 10% -20% and does not create an oily layer. Therefore, if the skin is acne or sensitive can also be completely assured to use. Mineral water aloe vera Benew also helps keep makeup more durable, limit the harmful effects of the environment on skin contact. Not only that, it also helps the skin to retain a fresh and soft look in the air-conditioned environment, hot, cold or dry climate. So you can use a mineral spray that can be used at any time of the year.

Made with high-end Benew brand

Benew is a Korean cosmetic brand manufactured by Art Nouveau Cosmetics. Benew products use natural botanicals that are known to nourish and care for the skin, deliver high effectiveness at a reasonable price, have been tested and certified for skin safety.

Why must use mineral sprays in the summer?

Summer is the time when your skin is most vulnerable to damage, the sun, dry skin caused by a lot of air conditioning, dehydrated skin ... Mineral sprays are considered as the perfect solution for all situations. the above state.

Mineral spray is a cosmetic that has the effect of soothing, moisturizing, and maintaining makeup for a long time ... the main ingredient is water, produced in a mist spray bottle. Mineral sprays can contain essential minerals, sunscreens, antioxidants or other ingredients that help nourish and protect the skin. So, Why use mineral sprays in the summer, let's find out a few reasons below:

Provides moisture to dry skin

One of the most outstanding effects of mineral spray is to provide mild moisture to the skin 10 - 12% without greasy skin. A mineral spray helps to improve dry skin effectively, but you should spray the mineral and then pat your skin gently or pat dry with tissue to prevent evaporation of the water that dries out your skin. Mineral sprays are especially suitable for sensitive skin, acne skin, making the skin soft and fresh when working in an air-conditioned environment, hot summer or dry winter.

Mineral sprays help to effectively reduce oil production in the summer

Summer is a difficult time for our skin, especially for oily skin. Sunlight, smog make you sweat more, dirt also clings more on the skin and especially the skin produces more oil.

Oily skin has an active sebaceous gland that is always shiny on the cheeks, nose and forehead, especially on hot days, the skin is more oily. Now mineral spray is your "savior".

Mineral sprays help make makeup last longer

It will be uncomfortable when makeup is finished but sweat is poured out, after using a tissue to absorb it, the black and white areas make the skin uneven, the effort in sitting makeup all day seems like a feat.

Makeup artists often use mineral sprays to shape makeup, protect them from the influence of the surrounding environment, and make makeup look more beautiful and durable. Not only that, but mineral spray is also the savior when you apply over-makeup to make the bold make up more natural and perfect. When your makeup starts to dry out, just a little bit of mineral spray will make them fresh again.

Soothes, treats damaged skin - irritation

Mineral sprays also help soothe irritated skin in case of cosmetic allergies, rashes ... Of course, mineral sprays only soothe the skin, so you also need to see a dermatologist for treatment afterwards. Hair removal also makes skin more damaged and irritated, so spray after hair removal to soothe your skin before using lotion.

Against aging

Contains trace mineral ingredients that are effective in anti-oxidizing the skin, mineral sprays for healthy and youthful skin. Dry skin also causes the aging process to occur more quickly, wrinkles appear earlier. Therefore, the mineral spray to moisturize the skin also helps to keep the skin healthy and anti-aging better.

Above are some compelling enough reasons to choose mineral spray

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