Exfoliation - An indispensable step in facial care

Every normal skin has dead skin cells, the only difference is that many people have a few. Exfoliation will help the skin remove dead cells and both residue and toxins from the surface of the skin, giving the skin a smooth, youthful and supple look. In addition, this process also helps speed up skin regeneration, reduce brown spots and clear pores. Benew Green Tea Peeling Gel is one of Benew's very effective exfoliants.

Natural ingredients safe for the skin

Green Tea Exfoliating Cream is the latest product line of key ingredients including Green Tea rich in vitamins C and E, green tea is known to be an antioxidant that helps protect skin from the harmful effects of sunlight. , prevent premature aging of the skin, increase the brightness of the skin, promote the regeneration of new skin cells, and more importantly it also works to prevent skin cancer ...

Make skin brighter and smoother

Extracted from green tea and herbal extracts, completely natural BENEW GREEN TEA PEELING GEL helps to remove dead skin cells, deep clean pores and help prevent acne before they form, smoothing the surface. Skin and pink hyperpigmentation help to keep skin radiant, firm, and more importantly, it also works to prevent skin cancer thanks to the excellent skin protection ability of green tea essence. BENEW GREEN TEA PEELING GEL is suitable for normal, combination skin and especially effective for oily or acne skin.

Is a very popular digital exfoliating product today, especially in Korea due to gentle exfoliation, not drying the skin. Formulated with 100% natural extracts, skin softens, luminous, and deeply cleanses pores, and helps prevent blemishes before they form, giving you a soft, glowing skin.

Benew Green Tea Peeling Gel Korean Green Tea Peeling Gel gently soothes red and red acne, and effectively removes dirt, keratin and pimples on the skin, giving you a smooth skin. membrane, fresh. In addition, the olive oil in the cream will help nourish, gradually whiten the skin, while helping the skin firmer. Products extracted from natural ingredients should be absolutely safe for the user.

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