Extracted from natural vegetable oils, avocado, olive, beeswax, vitamins from herbs... provides necessary moisture and nutrients to the lips, creating a 3D masterpiece with perfect coverage. :

- The lipstick layer is soft and smooth like silk, creating outstanding lip coverage like embroidery

- Wherever you apply the paint, it will be smooth, won't dry your lips, and will prevent dark lips

- Natural color, long lasting, lasts for more than 8 hours continuously

- Adds moisture and nutrients, not only beautifying but also maintaining plumpness and health, protecting lips from sunlight and environmental damage.

Lipstick palette of 6 attractive colors: Red, Coral Red, French Rose, Orange Red, Burnt Orange, Brick Orange

Each color, each personality, there is only love more, there is no love the most

Weight: 4.5g

Made in Korea


Genuine import and distribution

National wholesale/retail hotline: 098 2989 268

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Thùy Vy 09/21/2023

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