Soft touch makeup remover cotton 150 pieces

100% natural cotton material, soft, meets European standards, so it is absolutely safe for even the most sensitive skin

Soft Touch makeup remover cotton has a moderate thickness to save makeup remover every time.

High efficiency, affordable price, suitable for users' pocket.

The design of Soft Touch is unique with a mesh surface, the circular surface is evenly spread on both sides to help absorb and spread makeup remover evenly on the absorbent pad, especially the water is not pushed up when performing the operation. remover, helping to bring the perfect makeup removal effect.

Modern production technology, the thin film of Soft Touch makeup remover cotton helps to prevent and leave no lint on the skin, bringing comfort and relaxation to the user.

Super smooth, super tough, super soft, remove dirt, makeup, excess oil on the skin

Origin: Turkey

SL: 150 pieces/pack

Genuine import and distribution

Bong tay trang
1000 Items
Dương Nguyệt 06/06/2023

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Mềm, êm, sạch, bông dai không bị dính sợi, giá phải chăng

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