Extracted from honey and natural essential oils containing many vitamins to help lips stay soft, natural color, lips are always plump and sexy, support sun protection and increase lip color, while protecting lips. , anti-dark lips, anti-dry lips.

Highlights of Benew Perfect Kissing Lipstick are long lasting.

- Matte, long-lasting, long-lasting Benew Perfect Kissing Lipstick acts as a lipstick with color and especially long-lasting and extremely long-lasting.

- The lipstick is colored exactly as pictured, not greasy, not emulsified but instead is plump, soft and fresher.

- The quality of Benew Perfect Kissing Lipstick lasts longer, the color is more diverse.

The lipstick has 3 basic colors that are extremely easy to match with most skin tones:

Color P10: Ruby Red (Velvet Red)

Color P11: Bumt Heart (Earth Red)

Color P12: Sexy Orange (Luminous Neon Orange)

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Ánh Thúy 05/16/2023


Chất son mịn, phủ đẹp, giá rất hợp túi tiền !

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