(Whitening, Deep moisturizing, Repair damaged skin, Anti-wrinkle)

Uses: Complex of Hyaluronic (H.A), Vitamins and Niacinamide ingredients deeply moisturize while maintaining moisture balance to help skin stay plump and gradually whiter, more rosy after each use.

The transparent Tencel natural biological mask material from bamboo wood pulp helps the skin to absorb maximum nutrients, the ability to stick and hug tightly to the skin, so that the nutrients will penetrate deeply and evenly for the entire face. Suitable for all skin types.

Instructions for use: Wash your face, apply the mask evenly around the eyes and nose, wait 15 minutes-20 minutes, then gently remove the mask from the bottom up, pat gently for better absorption, use regularly daily To achieve the desired effect, keep in a cool, dry place, out of reach of children.

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Hà An 03/06/2023


Dùng ok, da đẹp hơn hẳn

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