Dabo White Tree Snow Flake Facial Cleanser 150ml with micro-massage particles both deeply cleans and gently cares for the skin of the face, which is always soft, smooth and bright.

Storage instructions

Wet your face

Take an appropriate amount into the palm of your hand, create a lather, then gently massage on the face and rinse with water

Preserved in dry, cool place

Avoid places with high temperatures

Brand Information

Dabo is a Korean cosmetic brand manufactured by Nexxen Group and monitored for quality by Samsung Group. With the goal towards the perfect beauty of women, this brand has brought customers great experiences when using quality products that are carefully researched. That is also what makes the name and affirms the position of this brand in the market.

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Lương 11/16/2022


Có hạt massage rất sạch da, dễ chịu

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