Modern girls always tend to choose products that combine many uses to save time. That's why BB makeup foundation was born with all the steps and layers of products on the face such as cream, sunscreen, foundation, foundation; Just one layer of BB Cream is enough to create a perfect foundation, even without powder. Korean premium makeup foundation DABO Meke Up Mette 5in1 BB Spf47 pa +++ (50ml) brings a flawless flawless skin and above all is extremely natural.

Great advantages of 5-in-1 DABO makeup cream SPF47 PA+++50ml

5 outstanding effects

DABO Make Up Matte Premium Makeup Cream has 05 main effects: Make-up Primer, Whitening, Sunscreen, Anti-wrinkle, Extremely good oil control plus the ability to cover skin imperfections superior to other brands. Regular BB helps you own naturally radiant pink skin after each use.

Ability to protect skin from harmful effects

The ability to effectively protect and prevent skin cancer from the harmful effects of UVA/UVB ultraviolet rays with SPF 47 PA +++ sunscreen, B.B DABO MAKE UP cream is very smooth to help penetrate deep down into the pores, not causing greasy skin. , not washed away when encountering water. Suitable for all skin types, especially effective for oily, combination or blemished skin.

Easy to use

After using the primer, take an appropriate amount of BB cream, dot 5 points on the face (forehead, nose, cheeks & chin) and then use a brush or sponge to spread the cream all over the face. You can apply a little more cream down the neck to make the whole skin white, harmonious and evenly colored.

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