Introducing BENEW facial cleanser with Red Ginseng Essence

Benew Red Ginseng Red Ginseng Facial Cleanser contains red ginseng extract to help provide energy and essential nutrients to help skin become healthier and more radiant.

BENEW Red Ginseng Facial Cleanser helps to remove harmful oxidants to the skin, effectively clean and moisturize the skin, prevent acne, anti-pigmentation and freckles, anti-aging, fight against the harmful effects of the environment , increase skin pink pigment, rejuvenate skin cells, maintain skin elasticity. Good effect for dry skin, melasma.

Facial cleanser with Red Ginseng essence of high-end brand origin

Almost all of us have beauty needs, but Koreans alone have a very high demand, so Korean cosmetics are extremely diverse to meet the wishes of many customers. One of the types of potential customers that brands often target the most is young people. Including the Benew brand, which is considered a high-end Korean cosmetic brand that is currently trusted and used by young people.

BENEW is considered a famous Korean cosmetic brand in Vietnam. The subjects that BENEW targets are young, dynamic and young people. Therefore, right from its inception, BENEW has chosen four operating criteria: "excellent quality, affordable price, cute colors and rich designs". The most attractive feature of BENEW branded products is the extremely cute design with the main pink and red tones, which can captivate any girl when she sees it.

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Vy Vy 05/11/2022


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