7in1 DABO Multi Foam Cleanser cleanses the skin, removes dirt, sebum, sweat, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory

 Prevent acne and improve hidden acne, blackheads, whiteheads

 The cleanser can be used instead of makeup remover, removing the light makeup layer on the skin, deep clean to the pores

 Prevent melamin, brown spots, dark spots, help skin stay bright and healthy

 Soothes skin, hydrates, and vitamins for a soft, radiant, vibrant complexion

 Supports skin whitening, blurring dark spots, pigmentation, age spots, improving skin tone after a period of use

 7in1 DABO Multi Foam Cleanser removes dead cells and promotes skin regeneration

 Increases elasticity to help skin tighten, firm, reduce wrinkles, aging

 Anti-oxidant, enhance skin vitality, resist the harmful effects of heat, ultraviolet rays, ...

 Cleans pores, reduces oil regulation

7in1 DABO Multi Foam Cleanser Cleanser Korea deeply cleans, removes dirt and dead cells, helps skin healthy, white pink smooth. The natural essences also help moisturize, soften skin, narrow pores, increase elasticity, reduce wrinkles. Premium products with pleasant scent from natural flowers provide a great experience.

Is the 7in1 DABO Multi Foam Cleanser Korean good?

- Ingredients: Snail extract, 7 extracts (lemon - skin lightening, rosemary - rosemary - deep cleansing makeup, apple - tight pores, tea tree - soothes rough skin patchy, thyme - removes sunscreen, collagen - tightens skin and hyaluronic acid - increases skin moisture).

- Dabo cleanser is extracted from nature, safe for all skin types. Gently removes dirt from the skin, leaving the skin always clean. Does not cause irritation. Safe for all skin, effective skin care and revitalization.

- Can brighten, clean, care for pores, care for dead skin, skin elasticity, moisturize

- Enriched foam can completely remove waste deep in skin pores and it relieves stress or irritated skin to become healthy and shiny

- 7 types of extracts address individual skin troubles, so just by cleansing, it provides sensations of skin care.

How to use 7in1 DABO Multi Foam Cleanser

Step 1: Use BENEW make-up remover to remove make -up

- Step 2: Wet your face and hands, put an adequate amount of cleanser into your hands, create foam, gently massage all over your face in circular motions. Then rinse face with clean water. Use 2 times a day morning and evening.

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