The increasingly polluted climate, harsh weather, frequent outdoor movement habits without using skin protection methods make the boys' skin very easy to "degrade", quickly aging.. Sweaty skin not only causes discomfort, loss of proper style, but also causes ugly acne spots...

Today, not only women but also men are very focused and concerned about their skin, especially the skin that must be protected from dust, pollution, the habit of cleaning the skin with facial cleansers has become more and more popular. indispensable and indispensable for any guy.


Researching on the usage habits, gender characteristics, skin differences of men, combined with superior production technology, Japanese dermatologists have launched a line of Facial Cleansers for Men. LIKESHI


LikeShi Japanese Facial Cleanser for Men


Ingredients: Activated carbon, mineral salts, willow seeds, avocado and other natural herbs...



- Removes oil and dirt from the skin

- Fight acne, protect skin from pollution, dust

- Balance moisture, tighten pores, anti-aging

- Whiten skin, make skin bright and smooth



Made in Japan

Weight: 120g

Import and distribute genuine and exclusive in Vietnam

Nationwide wholesale/retail hotline: 098 2989 268

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Trí Hải 12/31/2021

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