Happy Bath Magnolia Essence shower gel cleans and moisturizes the skin with Damask rose essence and 5 gentle, benign natural essential oils. Uses of Happy Bath Magnolia Essence Rose Essence 900g:

✔ Happy Bath Magnolia Essence rose essence shower gel cleans the skin, removes all dirt, sebum, sweat for clean, clear skin.

✔ Remove dead cells on the skin, reduce roughness, for smooth, soft skin surface

✔ Provides optimal moisture from roses and plant essential oils, preventing dry, flaky skin, even in winter.

✔ Happy Bath Magnolia Essence Rose Shower Gel adds some nutrients for healthy, bright, elastic skin.

✔ Smooth foam and seductive rose scent are sure to bring wonderful, relaxing moments in your bathroom. Ingredient With ingredients extracted from 95% rose essence. The product will bring you smooth, naturally moist skin, and a pleasant feeling of relaxation right after use. Rose essential oil acts as a protective layer on the skin, helping to replenish moisture and balance moisture in the skin. Skin will not be dry after bathing.


- Wet body skin

- Take shower gel on cotton and create foam, massage on skin for 5-7 minutes, relax, then wash off with water.

- You can use it for the bath

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