Main ingredients & uses:

Vitamin C + Niacinamide

Improves pores and regulates sebum, giving skin a healthy glow. At the same time anti-oxidant, fade dark spots; prevent aging, improve wrinkles on the skin.

PEG-20 glyceryl triisostearate

As an emulsifier that removes makeup and dirt without drying out skin

Placenta + Collagen + HA

Placenta essence, collagen and super-moisturizing HA: Supports to restore elasticity for firm skin while hydrating and increasing water absorption to keep skin supple and smooth. Especially AHA ingredients help remove dead cells, regenerate skin and prevent hidden acne.

Extract of 10 natural herbs:

Supports anti-inflammatory, quickly heals acne lesions.

The product is certified as a cosmeceutical, safe for skin, including sensitive skin

Usage: Take an appropriate amount, gently massage over the entire face will have a warm feeling. Relax with a mild orange scent then rinse with water.

Attention: Avoid direct contact with eyes, if any, wash immediately with water, for external use only. Do not leave too long on the skin, should be washed immediately after facial massage

Storage: Keep in a cool place, away from direct sunlight.

NSX: See MFD ( on the package. Production batch number: Printed on the package

HSD: See EXP ( on the package. Net weight: 180 g

SCB: 149555/21/CBMP – QLD Origin: Japan

AYAMI – Awakening Youth

Starting from the goal of becoming your companion on the journey to conquering perfect beauty, AYAMI COSMETICS has determined to bring customers a line of Japanese cosmetics with high quality, safe, suitable for all skin type.

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