Introduction of BENEW Cleansing Milk Essence Activated Carbon 100ml

BENEW Charcoal cleanser extracted from activated carbon helps purify, detoxify, and control sebum effectively, giving a smooth, oily skin, deep cleansing without side effects. The product is suitable for all skin types, especially those with oily and combination skin. Activated carbon also helps to deeply clean sebum, dirt, makeup residue to prevent the development of acne bran, blackheads, your skin will be more beautiful and smoother after each use of activated carbon cleanser. BENEW Charcoal Cleansing calculator.

Works great with the skin

Cleansing cleanser with natural ingredients is a trend of women today. In particular, activated carbon is the choice of many girls thanks to the ability to absorb toxins, deep clean and do not cause side effects. Use Korean Activated Charcoal Facial Cleanser will give you bright white skin.

Your skin is dark or uneven, not necessarily your body. Your bright white skin is obscured by dead skin cells, blemishes and excess oil. Tiny activated carbon particles in the cleanser and skin cleansing active ingredients help wash away dirt, cleanse the skin from deep in the pores and absorb excess oil, thereby helping to tighten pores. , helps clean, bright skin and gives back the skin you always wanted.

Natural extracts of activated carbon are suitable for all skin types, especially suitable for combination skin and oily skin. However, also because of the good absorption of activated carbon, 50 times its weight, Korean activated carbon facial cleanser should not be used too many times for those with dry skin. These people should only use 1-2 times / week

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