TENCEL masks are made of biological material, with natural properties, giving a soft feeling and excellent nutrient absorption when used.

With a light texture, breathable Tencel sticks firmly to the skin surface, giving a soft feeling. At the same time, with its thin and light properties, the mask covers the entire face, allowing you to move comfortably while using without worrying about falling.

Thanks to the superior design that fits snugly against the skin, the TENCEL lookATME mask absorbs quickly, helping the skin to fully absorb nutrients. You will also no longer have to worry about spills over your neck, like with a paper mask.

TENCEL provides the necessary nutrients to maintain a smooth, youthful look for the skin. In addition, your skin is optimally moisturized, limiting acne problems or dry skin.

lookATME COLLAGEN FACE MASK contains Hydrolyzed Collagen content to help fill wrinkles, improve expression lines, restore moisture, remove dullness and rejuvenate the skin.

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Ngọc Ánh 04/19/2021

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