Using gold is a beauty method that is extremely loved and used by kings and queens for a long time. This royal beauty regal has a miraculous effect on beauty

With the main ingredient of gold essence, 24K Super Gold Essenes gold rose water helps:

- Cleans pores, stimulates blood circulation and promotes new skin cell regeneration

- Healthy skin, whiten skin, repel dark spots and freckles

- Powerful antioxidant collagen nutrients, helping the skin "improve the age of a perfect" to fight wrinkles, anti-aging, lift facial muscles, increase skin elasticity, help skin stretch, shiny

- Supplementing with Hyaluronic Acid restores sun damaged skin,

- Support to detox on skin, absorb sebum, quickly fade scars

Safe for skin including sensitive skin

Capacity: 120ml

Made in Japan

Genuine import and distribution

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Trúc Thư 04/19/2021

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