Rice Charge Japanese Rice Essence Rose water is a skin balancing water product from ELLE VIE brand. Liquid lotion, milky white liquid like rice water.

Ingredients and outstanding uses of rice lotion Rice Charge:

- The main ingredient from 100% rice essence grown in Japan, Ishizawa Keana Nadeshiko Rice Toner is capable of nourishing the skin perfectly smooth, supporting skin tone while still safe for all skin types.

- Essence of Japanese rice extract provides a plentiful amount of moisture for dry, flaky skin, rough pores due to lack of water.

- Rice oil contains many vitamins for soft skin like silk, provides moisture very well for the skin.

- The product has a pH suitable for the skin, does not cause irritation, has been tested for safety with sensitive skin.

- Sake extract antibacterial for skin, keeps skin healthy and full of vitality.

- Glycosphingolipids replenish the skin's lipid loss and restore the skin's barrier function and its ability to retain moisture.

In addition to its good hydrating ability, Japanese Keana Care Ishizawa Keana Nadeshiko Rice Toner also contains the nutrients and vitamins found in rice, helping to improve skin's resistance, tighten pores and simultaneously support brightens, smooths skin.

The product is committed not to use artificial colors, artificial odors and low acidity.

Product manual:

Step 1: Wash your face thoroughly with cleanser.

Step 2: Take some Yumepirika rice bran Lotion to dot on the points: forehead, cheeks, cheeks, nose.

Step 3: Massage gently until nutrients and gold completely absorbed.

You should use 2 times / day to get the best skin care effect.

* Store in a dry place, avoid high or low temperature, avoid moisture and avoid sunlight.

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