Makeup remover is the first and extremely important step in cleansing skin. Simply understanding makeup removal means removing makeup and makeup on your skin with specialized makeup remover products.

When applying makeup, layers of makeup will stick on the skin for many hours. If you do not use makeup remover to remove these makeup, they will stick deep into the skin, causing clogging of pores. In addition, sweat, sebum secreted will catalyze the formation of pimples or worse, the skin is blemished, damaging the skin.

The fact that we go to bed with the skin that has not removed makeup or the dirt for 1 month will make their skin age up to 10 years compared to the actual age of the skin.

When you no longer like makeup remover oils that make your skin greasy, a gentle, fragrant, and incredibly effective cleanser will completely conquer your skin.


-  Deeply cleans pores, removes residue, dirt, and sticky cream on the skin

-  Egg-based nutrients not only cleanse, but also soften and brighten the skin

- A cool, gentle fragrance that is extremely pleasant. The feeling of clean skin and the lingering aroma helps the skin to relax.

-  Gentle, non-irritating, water-based cleanser

500ml capacity

Made in Japan

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Thúy Nga 03/10/2021

Chất lượng tuyệt vời !

Tẩy sạch và dễ chịu hơn hẳn những loại mình đã dùng trước đây. Thơm nhẹ, không khô rát da, cân bằng độ ẩm.

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