Ingredients: The “Ingredients” item printed on the box.

Net volume: 100 ml.

Made in Korea. SCB: 140394/20 / CBMP-QLD.

Producer: IB COSMETIC- Namdongseo-Ro, Incheon. Korea.

Instructions for use: Wet your face, put an adequate amount of cream in the palm of your hand, create a lather then massage gently on your face and rinse with water, out of reach of children.

Made from premium Benew brand in Korea Almost everyone of us has a need for beauty, but for Koreans, the demand is very high, so Korean cosmetics are extremely diverse to meet the desires of many customers. One of the leads that brands target the most is young people. In which, Benew brand name is considered as a high-end Korean luxury American brand that is currently trusted and used by young people.

BENEW is considered a famous Korean cosmetic brand in Vietnam. The audience that BENEW targets are teenagers, active and young. Therefore, right from its inception, BENEW has selected four operating criteria: "excellent quality, affordable price, cute colors and rich designs". The most attractive feature of the products under the BENEW brand name is the very cute design with the main pink and red tones, which can captivate any girl when seen.

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Bông Xinh 04/19/2021

Thích !!!!!!

Rẻ mà tốt nhé mọi người

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