Placenta is an extract of sheep placenta, contains many essential ingredients for the skin, which is one of the most popular beauty ingredients to help whiten skin, treat melasma.

Amino acids, vitamins, minerals and more than 100 types of enzymes play a role in metabolizing nutrients

Concentrated placenta essence penetrates extremely well and brings high efficiency, both promotes skin regeneration and nourishes healthy skin, prevents aging.

Placenta extract moisturizes the skin, inhibits melamin, brightens the skin, effectively fades dark spots.

100% natural ingredients, researched and certified to be harmless to your skin and health tested strictly against Japanese mandatory standards.

Lot number and HSD: See on the package

Weight: 25g

Made in Japan

Ingredients: Printed on the box


Address: 1-13-6, Taito, Taito-ku, Tokyo, Japan.

Exclusive distributor in Vietnam:

Company Limited QLY

Hotline: 098 2989 268

Serum nhau thai cừu
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Hải Châu 05/19/2021

Tốt, uy tín !

Hàng chính hãng, dùng ok

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