White Beau Essence Vitamin C Whitening Serum

Essence C 100% firming skin - this is an undiluted essence that is always trusted by Japanese women with great technologies for aging, sagging, age-prone skin, face tightness.

White beau Essence Vitamin C Serum is a liquid, slightly viscous, containing many essences for different purposes, such as treatment or skin care ...

White Beau Essence Vitamin C White Beau Essence with the main ingredient is pure vitamin C.

Vitamin C has been widely used in skin whitening products, because it has the ability to accelerate the excretion of dead cells, remove melamine black pigment, improve skin tone, support to reduce pigmentation, freckles , ...

In addition, vitamin C also helps increase skin resistance, protect skin cells against the environment.

The large amount of vitamin C is also a condition to promote collagen production to help skin elastic, healthy, slow down the aging process.

White Beau Essence Vitamin C Serum is best suited for dull skin that needs whitening care, skin with lots of melamine, pigmentation, age spots, ...

Currently, the vitamin C serum is the most popular of all.

Supports to accelerate the elimination of dead cells, tighten pores. This is also the essence that helps the skin fight oxidative agents, helping the skin to strengthen its resistance.

Repair and restore damaged skin areas such as acne scars, stretch marks, burns, scars impacted by external factors ...

Minimize pustules, acne. 100% of customers using it are satisfied because after only a short time of use, the face is smooth again and does not leave any traces of acne scars on the skin.

✈️SP import and distribute genuine by QLY

☎️ Nationwide wholesale / retail distribution: 098 2989 268

Serum Vitamin C
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