☘️ Outstanding advantages of KUMARGIC EYE DX

☘️Easily penetrates into the skin cells to help prevent dark circles, wrinkles and help to dissolve puffiness.

Kumargic Eye Cream provides vitamins to help prevent the return of anti-aging dark spots in the eye area and fade fine lines.

The nutrients in the dark circles eye cream help the veins relax the blood vessels to circulate well, protecting the skin from environmental influences.

☘️SUPER KUMARGIC of JAPAN contains natural herbal ingredients that help to dissolve dark circles in the eyelids caused by hormonal disturbances.

or stress clears puffiness and effectively prevents the return of bruises.

☘️Helps stimulate cell growth and collagen recovery to increase skin elasticity.

☘️The product is non-irritating, does not cause greasiness on the skin and has been tested for quality for sensitive skin.

☘️SUPPER KUMARGIC has a thin gel-type cream, when applied to the eyes, it will feel cool with a gentle, pleasant scent, the product does not cause greasy.

❤️ Instructions for use - After cleansing, apply a thin layer of cream to the eye area - Can be applied before makeup to better conceal under eye - Use 2 times a day in the morning and at night

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