SPF 35 PA +++ sun protection factor helps protect the skin under UVA / UVB ultraviolet rays and negative environmental influences such as smoke, dust.

Fresh collagen helps to regenerate new skin cells, restore damaged skin, lift skin muscles, fade wrinkles, and replenish moisture to the skin. Products for the whole body, suitable for all skin types.

Effective whitening:

Thanks to high-quality skin-brightening ingredients such as fresh collagen, pearl powder, proteins and vitamins of natural origin, BENEW Collagen Whitening Body & Lifting Cream inhibits production of melanin melanin, while preventing the pigment melanin emerges on the skin's surface.

Thereby, both improve available darkening skin, both prevent the risk of skin pigmentation, treat light body skin pigmentation, while lightening the body skin slowly through each use.

Effective moisturizing, smoothing:

Beauty ingredients include collagen, Pearl Powder, proteins and vitamins of natural origin that provide essential moisture and hydrate the skin.

Regular use of Whitening Body & Lifting Cream BENEW Collagen Whitening daily helps smooth, plump skin.

User manual:

Apply to clean body skin after bathing. Use the palm of your hand to massage gently to spread the BENEW Collagen Whitening Body & Lifting Cream

Should be applied while the skin is still damp, the BENEW Collagen Whitening Body & Lifting Cream will be easier to penetrate inside.

Should use 2 times a day for the fastest effect.

Kem dưỡng Body Benew
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Mai Phương 04/19/2021


Dưỡng body, da lên tone sáng, thơm sang trọng, có chống nắng !

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