Botanical Supplement Biotin + Oil Shampoo for weak, dry, damaged hair and scalp treatment Botanical Supplement Biotin + Oil Shampoo includes ingredients extracted from nature such as:

Olive, Aloe, Turmeric, Coconut, Red Pomegranate, Lemon, Basil leaves, Bodhi, Cereal...

Gives great effect to the hair, adjusts the PH balance of the hair extremely effectively, fights against breakage, stimulates hair growth, cleans bacteria or fungi that cause dandruff, moisturizes the hair, restore damage on hair quickly, supplement nutrition to make hair smooth, strong,

Helps to keep hair and scalp healthy, nourishes from roots to ends, restores dry, frizzy hair due to lack of nutrients, lack of moisture and hair damage caused by climate or pollution. Leaves your hair soft, smooth, clean, comfortable and relaxed. Even if it is 3-4 days without washing, the hair still retains its buoyancy, each curl is smooth, smooth, not greasy, not flat, not itchy.

Usage: After washing, take a sufficient amount of conditioner, apply the middle and ends of the hair, gently massage for 30-60 seconds, or can stay on the hair longer. Then wash it off with water

Capacity: 480ml

Made in Japan

Genuine imported and distributed exclusively by QLY Co., Ltd

SFL_Bộ Gội Xả Oil
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