Smooth and clean skin with the BENEW Korea rice cleanser

BENEW Brown Rice Cleansing Milk helps moisturize, whiten and remove harmful substances from entering the skin, BENEW Brown Rice cleanser is extracted from natural rice to provide moisture, cleanse, whiten and safe for the skin. .

Cleansing the skin with a cleanser is absolutely essential. They will deeply clean away dirt, bacteria, and at the same time create a cool, gentle skin, helping the skin avoid clogging pores - the cause of acne and inflammatory skin conditions. As a product of the natural cosmetic brand from Korea, BENEW Rice Essence Cleanser100ml is a cleanser with ingredients extracted from natural ingredients that are very safe, while helping to effectively clean the skin, both Provides essential vitamins and nutrients to help skin become smoother, brighter and healthier.

Using the rice extract BENEW Korea cleanser is not only effective in cleansing the skin effectively. Moreover, this product is also integrated with other natural ingredients to help whiten the skin, giving women a smooth, vibrant skin after only the first use. Therefore, products are always searched at the top of and received many positive feedback from used customers.

The reason you should use the 100ml BENEW rice essence cleanser

Most women own a bottle of facial cleanser of different brands. There are many people who choose a cleanser containing too much caustic soda, often manifested by having a lot of soap bubbles when washing their face, making the skin easily damaged and dry.

However, if you choose the BENEW Korea rice essence cleanser, that will never happen. The reason is because the ingredients of this wonderful cleanser do not use any harmful substances, all of which are natural and absolutely safe for the skin. It both works to clean the skin, while also having a whitening effect from within.

Excellent use of the product

BENEW is one of the relatively new mid-range cosmetic brands in the Vietnamese market, but in European and American countries it is already quite familiar. Along with the use of Beta Hydroxy and Alpha technology along with Gentl Microbeads, the rice-essence Korean BENEW Korean cleanser is effective in significantly reducing the appearance of obnoxious pores, giving you a skin is both firm but no less smooth.

Genuine BENEW facial cleanser with rice essence is currently the most popular product and leading in many votes. The product is extracted from rice water plus minerals, Moringa vegetable oil that helps remove dirt, stubborn toxins on the skin. Hard use every day will make you achieve unexpected results, the skin becomes brighter and smoother

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