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✔ Happy Bath Magnolia Essence rose essence shower gel cleans the skin, removes all dirt, sebum, sweat for clean, clear skin.

✔ Remove dead cells on the skin, reduce roughness, for smooth, soft skin surface

✔ Provides optimal moisture from roses and plant essential oils, preventing dry, flaky skin, even in winter.

✔ Happy Bath Magnolia Essence Rose Shower Gel adds some nutrients for healthy, bright, elastic skin.


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Availability: 100 In Stock

- Happy Bath shower gel is rich in nutrients and excellent moisturizer to help shrink pores and prevent skin aging, leaving skin soft.

- Fine foaming agent, micro-particle size helps to gently remove dirt from deep in the pores and dead skin cells. Gives you clean, smooth, healthy, bright and youthful skin.

- Happy Bath Natural Real Moisture Body Wash thanks to the organic Marshmallow ingredient relaxes the skin, especially the skin tired from environmental stress and work.

- Sweet, cool barley scent along with skin care essences, quickly brings you a feeling of comfort and relieves stress.

Availability: 100 In Stock

- High quality white rose essence brings a sweet, seductive scent

- Clean dirt, remove excess oil effectively

- Contains a variety of amino acids to help soften skin, not dry and stretch after each bath, help increase skin elasticity, rejuvenate skin

- Soft foam, massage on the skin extremely comfortable.

- Seaweed ingredients have moisturizing effect and keep skin soft

- Completely natural fragrance, no harm to the skin, leaving the skin soft and cool.

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