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Benew Natural Herb Lip Balm

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BENEW Natural Lip Balm 4.0g

Benew Natural Herb lip Balm premium lip balm lip balm Benew Natural Herb lip Balm Extracted from vegetable oils, aloe vera essences and minerals to help moisturize, prevent dark lips and restore chapped lips to help lips become smooth, full of charm Seductive, extremely natural color, keeps lips soft, fresh and anti-aging.


1 Review(s)
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- The lipstick layer is soft and smooth like silk, creating outstanding lip coverage like embroidery

- Wherever you apply the paint, it will be smooth, won't dry your lips, and will prevent dark lips

- Natural color, long lasting, lasts for more than 8 hours continuously

- Adds moisture and nutrients, not only beautifying but also maintaining plumpness and health, protecting lips from sunlight and environmental damage.

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