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BENEW Green Tea Toner 150ml

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Benew Green Tea Whitening Natural Herb Skin Toner is an indispensable product in the daily skin care routine. With the effect of cleansing skin, tightening pores, rose water will help complete the cleansing step, ready to absorb nutrients of the next skin care steps. Benew Green Tea Whitening Natural Herb Skin Toner contains green tea extract to help remove excess oil on the skin, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, prevent the formation of pigmentation spots, freckles and dull skin areas, while enhancing moisturization. , maintains smooth, rosy, healthy skin. The product is suitable for normal skin, combination skin, especially effective for oily skin and acne skin.

Dabo Aloe Vera Calming Toner 150ml

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Dabo Aloe Vera Calming Toner is Aloe Vera extract suitable for people aged 18 years and over. Especially suitable for those with sensitive skin, prone to acne. With the main ingredients extracted from organic aloe vera help tighten pores, easily penetrate into the skin. Does not contain harmful ingredients, rose water quickly penetrates the skin, keeps skin soft, soothes and protects sensitive skin, prevents acne and effectively tightens pores.

Dabo Speed Whitening Ex Toner 160ml

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Price ₫315,000
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(Fast skin whitening, wrinkle removal, moisture balance and skin pigmentation)

Uses: "5-MELA OFF COMPLEX" is the latest beauty technology invention only in DABO Speed ​​Whitening EX to help: Balance skin pigmentation, Whiten skin, Blur dark spots, dark spots, freckles, freckles. freckles, wrinkles. Ingredients extracted from nature such as essence of Green Tea, Centella Asiatica, Snow White Flower, Vitamins, Pearl powder...Helps to quickly whiten skin, while green tea essence tightens pores. remove sebum on the skin, absolutely prevent the formation of new dark spots, pigmentation spots, freckles on the skin. Suitable for all skin types

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