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BENEW Green Tea Cream 50ml

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Price ₫285,000
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BENEW GREEN TEA Premium Green Tea Cream is completely extracted from natural green tea essence combined with vitamine and pure minerals from Korea to create a smooth, white cream that is easily absorbed on the skin right after use. . The cream is very white and light, does not make the skin oily or slippery, but melts quickly and dries quickly, giving us a very pleasant feeling.

DABO Speed Whitening Dual Cream 50ml

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Price ₫390,000
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DABO Speed ​​Whitening Dual Cream 50ml

DABO Speed ​​Whitening Dual Cream 50ml with ingredients containing Gnaphalium Leontopodium Flower (Extracted from snowflake trees in the high mountains of over 3000m of Switzerland) combined with Aloe, Collagen, Snail juice ... helps support extremely effective skin pigmentation treatment, remove dark pigmentation, fade freckles and dark spots on the skin. Ingredients Collagen helps to regenerate skin cells, firm muscles and smooth wrinkles caused by aging.

Dabo Speed Whitening Ex Tone-Up Cream 50ml

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Price ₫395,000
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Helps replenish nutrients to the skin, helps to brighten the skin, anti-aging, prevent the development of wrinkles.

Provides superior moisture retention with an innovative formula.

Helps protect skin from harmful rays from the sun, especially UVA and UVB rays. You can use it instead of sunscreen or makeup foundation.

Helps to nourish pink and white skin after 1 use.

Suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin, especially with dark skin types, melasma, freckles, dull pigmentation ...

Dabo Speed Whitening Ex Cream

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Price ₫395,000
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(Fast skin whitening, Wrinkle reduction, Skin tightening, Melasma)

Uses: "5-MELA OFF COMPLEX" is the latest beauty technology invention only in DABO Speed ​​Whitening EX to help: Balance skin pigmentation, Whiten skin, Blur dark spots, dark spots, freckles, freckles. incense, wrinkles... In addition, ingredients extracted from nature have the effect of whitening skin quickly but very safely, deeply moisturizing, shrink pores, restore damaged skin, prevent and eliminate the process of forming new dark spots and dark spots, improving skin color in the most natural way. Night cream, suitable for all skin types.


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Price ₫245,000
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DABO VITA TONE UP CREAM is one of the company's intensive cream products containing Tranexamic Acid and Platinum Complex (Platinum, Vitamin E, C) that inhibit the formation of pigments. melanin, fade dark spots, brown spots, dark spots, anti-oxidant and even skin tone.


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Price ₫475,000
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Provides intensive moisture, keeps skin hydrated for 24 hours

Thoroughly overcome the problem of dry or flaky skin, restore and regenerate the skin

Tighten pores, even skin tone

Soothes sensitive skin and has anti-inflammatory properties that help fight bacteria, pimples, and acne

Fades dark spots on the skin

Improve bright, white and rosy skin after 4 weeks of use.


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Price ₫279,000
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Helps brighten and even skin tone naturally.

Cover imperfections such as large pores or dark spots caused by pigmentation, acne.

Keeps and hydrates the skin, leaving it soft and full of life.

Promotes skin regeneration.

Enhances skin elasticity and stimulates new cell production

Assists in the supply of missing substances to slow down the aging process.

Protects the skin from the negative effects of the external environment.

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